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Vandre Premium Baseball Hat Stories

  • Styling the Vandre Wool Flannel Premium Baseball Hat

    The Vandre wool flannel 100% Peruvian wool baseball hat is effortless to style and works with nearly every outfit. The hedge fund gray color was hand selected from a world renowned mill to easily match your go-to cold weather combinations.

  • Dressing Up a Baseball Hat

    Premium baseball hats are bringing new life to the cap category and rewriting the rules for when and how to wear them. Baseball hats have a history of being worn for casual events and have always had a strong connection to sporting events and teams. It’s even in the name. But, as the way we dress has radically changed from even a decade ago, people are seeking ways to dress ‘up’ traditionally casual garments.
  • Wearing a wool baseball hat in the winter

    Whether you have a full head of luscious locks, you’re getting a little thin on top, or have already taken the Bic to your noggin, a wool ball cap is just the thing to get you through the coldest months of the year. They’re excellent for regulating heat, preventing hat hair, and looking stylish while you’re at it.

  • Vandre Premium Baseball Hat Style Advice

    Style the Vandre premium baseball hat totally casual or dress it up, either way you can't go wrong! The fabric choice and color were also selected to be versatile for an everyday luxury experience. The baseball hat has always been and will always be a wardrobe item staple for both men and women.