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Care, Contact & FAQs

For any and all questions that are not answered below, please do not hesitate to email us at 


Frequently Asked Questions

What is your return policy?

Your 100% satisfaction is a top priority for us. Free shipping. Free Returns. Unworn hats with tags can be returned within 30 days for a full refund. A shipping label will be provided upon request (email 

How do I care for my Wool and Linen Vandre hat?

A lint brush can be used to keep the hat clean between cleanings. You can even store your hat in the satin dust bag that comes with it to avoid dust collection.

While we recommend dry cleaning, an alternative way to clean your hat is to submerge it in cool water with a small amount of a detergent meant for delicate fabrics. Keep the hat submerged for a few minutes and gently move it around.

Remove the hat from the water and hang dry the hat from the leather closure or from the visor. It will dry overnight. 

  • Do NOT use warm or hot water (this can cause the fabric to shrink).
  • Do NOT machine wash or machine dry.
  • Do NOT squish the cap.
  • Do NOT wring dry. 

How do I care for my Athletic Vandre hat?

The Athletic Vandre hats are meant to get wet, endure sweat and be brought along for any life journey! We recommend washing the hat the same was as we suggest for our wool and linen. 

An alternative is to just put the hat in the wash with light detergent and a delicate cycle. DO NOT put the hat in the dryer, instead hang dry.

Can you customize Vandre hats for bulk orders?

Yes. We customize Vandre Athleisure hats for clients. Please reach out to to learn more about the process. 

What if my wool or linen hat gets wet?

Vandre hat can withstand the elements including exposure to rain, snow, wind, etc. We have tested the wear extensively through the brutal Chicago winters for our wool hats and Aruba and Hawaiian beaches for our linen and athleisure hats. We recommend to pat dry the hat when you are able to, but these fabrics will endure the elements without an issue. 

For the athleisure hats specific, get these as wet as you want, it doesn't matter! They will dry super quick and be ready for the next adventure!

The fit details of our wool and linen hats

If you have an average head size then Vandre hats will fit your head. At this point in time, we only are able to offer one size in Vandre premium hats. If you're typically able to fit into a one-size-fits-all hat, then you should be all set. 

The Vandre wool and linen baseball hat should have a slightly shallower fit than a fully constructed hat, but it's not as shallow as a standard unconstructed hat or a 'dad' hat. The fit set out to achieve the perfect balanced profile. Simply put, it is a lower profile hat.

Keep in mind that the two front panels have light structure for the hat to lay nicely over the top of your head, but completely unconstructed back panels that form to the shape of your head.

The fit details of our Athleisure hats

If you have an average head size, then our athleisure hats will fit your head. The athleisure hats have a deeper profile than our wool and linen hats that is more similar to your standard baseball hat. It is technically called a mid-profile hat, perfect for most head sizes! 


Finding a Cure and Our Commitment

No cause is more important to Vandre than helping to find a cure for ALS (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis). At present, medications can only attempt to slow ALS, reduce pain and discomfort from symptoms.

ALS remains uncured, but it is not incurable, which is why we are committing an annual percentage of our revenue, not profit. The donations will be contributed to the research team at ALS TDI.

Our owner's fathers entrepreneurial spirit lives on with all of us and is a driving force behind Vandre, thank you dad. For more information, click here.


Technical Fit Details

Can I measure my head to better ensure Vandre hats will fit?

If you're really concerned about if the Vandre hat will fit your head, we wanted to provide you with as much detail as possible to help you make your decision on purchasing our premium baseball hat. 

The measured circumference of the head size for the Vandre hat fit is between 21 and 24 inches. This is the measurement across your forehead, all the way around the back of your head, above the ears, back around to the front. 

The hat was designed to fit the average head, for average adult male head measures 22.5 inches for males and 21.75 inches for females.

As mentioned above our linen and wool hats are a lower profile hat and our athleisure line is a mid-profile hat. If you own both of our hats, the athleisure hats will fit deeper on your head and the linen and wool will fit slightly shallower. 

How do you recommend I measure my head?

You can use a tape measurer for the easiest measurements or you can use a cable of any kind to take your measurements, then use a ruler to get the measurement.